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contest's Journal

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This is a community for contests. Any kind of contest is allowed except, nothing pornographic, and no type of dares that can result in loss of life or bodily harm to anyone.

The concept is, if you've got a good idea for a contest, make an entry about it. Be specific on rules and details and dates for the contest. There is one catch though. You MUST have a prize for at least the first place winner. Obviously I cannot be positive that you will reward the winner with the prize, but before the contest can begin you must state what the prize will be. If you fail to deliver the prize, you will be banned from any further contests.

If you want to enter one of the contests, first you must be sure you are eligible for both the prize and the contest. If the contest is available to only guys, well, then girls, don't enter that one, and vice versa. If the prize requires you to be a certain age, or a certain clothing size, don't enter it, you'll either have clothes to small or you'll forfeit your prize cause you're too young for a pack of cigerettes ;). Also be aware that in some cases you will have to give out your address to the contest creator in order to recieve your prize. If you don't want to do this, do NOT enter the contest.

Rules for contests can be changed if need be if approved by me first. But be clear and think out the rules of your contest first. This is supposed to be fun, and hopefully you will make some friends in the process. So, have fun :)